The King Makers

The Great (Disappearing) Fletcher

The Owlbear was defeated within it’s own lair. The Heroes of the Stolen Land took this time to rebuild their nation. Over the next year, Loria grew. Adding the Grand Cathedral of Erastil, the Ersin Theatre, a noble villas to the fair city of Loria.

Ersin proposed to the fair spymaster and performer, Lily Teskertin. She accepted, under the condition that they find her father Reginald Teskertin. The party ventured out to find Reginald, hearing rumors of him in the city of Restov. After a few days of no success, they hatched a plan to get him to come to them. Lily performed a magnificent ballad to draw her father out, it was successful. After a chase that Reginald ultimately got away, he visited Ersin. Ersin walked away with his blessing.

Nearly 6 months after meeting with Reginald, a plague was discovered amongst the Sootscale Kobolds. Efforts were made to prevent the plague from moving towards the city of Loria, were unsuccessful. To add upon the worries of the Heroes of the Stolen Lands, Balthazar Orvlosky returned successful from defeating the Green Dragon, Malystryx. Accompanying him, was his bodyguard Ivan Kaledon and a woman by the name of Zylia. He informed the Rulers of Loria that he needed to verify that Fletcher was infact, Aluzair the Lost Heir to the throne of Mendev.

The Heroes traveled to the lands of Varnhold, the last known location of Aluzair, to find the place deserted. There were no signs of fighting, it just seemed as though the people disappeared. Exploring the town, they came across a fort that had been taken over by hostile Spriggans. The Once-Rulers of Loria defeated the invading Spriggans, left with little choice, went back to Loria.



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