The King Makers

Showdown at the Stag Lords Fort

The Heroes have finished mapping out the the Northern Greenbelt and finally began their exploration of the Southern Greenbelt. During this exploration, they came across a burial mound, in an attempt to discover its secrets awoken the undead! The Lonely Warrior defended his sanctum from the graverobbing Heroes of the Stolen Land.

The Heroes retreated back to Oleg’s Trading Post to recover from the battle, where they ran into Fletcher Green. A short conversation later, Fletcher Green promise to lead the Heroes to the Stag Lord. On the way to the Stag Lord‘s fort, the group discovered they were being followed by none other than Loralei, Fletcher Green’s daughter.

When the Heroes reached the Stag Lord’s fort, a zombie horde met them on the hill leading to it. Battling through the zombies and incoming arrow attacks, the Heroes reached the top. A few short lived battles lead up to the encounter with the Stag Lord and infamous Kressle.

It was hard fought battle between the Heroes of the Stolen Land and the Stag Lord. A few Heroes nearly lost their lives in the conflict. Though, the day was won. Stag Lord was defeated and Kressle escaped to fight another day.



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