The King Makers

Long Live the Kingdom I Mean Colony of Loria

Since the defeat of the Stag Lord, the Stolen Lands have been a hub of activity, nefarious and benevolent. The founding of the nearby town of Taztleford by Loy Rezbin and his wife. And the first annual celebration of the Colony of Loria, with its capital city of Triumph. A number of people have been selected as members of the ruling council including: Loy Rezbin as Grand Diplomat (replaced Ariella Surtova), Akiros as General, Fletcher Green as Marshal, Jhod Kavken as High Priest, Kesten Garess as Warden, Lily Teskertin as Spymaster, Sasha Orvlosky as Councilor, Variel Undine as Treasurer, Ersin as Magister, Cassandra Kaledon as Royal Assassin, and finally as Ruler of Loria Anamaria Theobella de Rogarvia.

It was not long before attention was turned towards the new colony, as Balthazar Orvlosky and his protector Ivan Kaledon came to triumph. Balthazar was seeking his bride to be, Ariella. The Ruling Body of Loria deceived Balthazar sending him on his way with Lily disguised as Ariella. While the real Ariella, escaped into the forest with Fletcher. Lily left Balthazar halfway to Restov, to have him appear to ‘lose’ Ariella, and throw off suspicion that Loria was involved.

A more direct threat reared its head, sightings of trolls were inciting panic within the borders of Loria. The Heroes left to rid the area of this menace. After several encounters, ranging from saving gnomes from the wilderness to horrible plants like the Tendrilocus, they caught wind of the trolls location from Fletcher.

The Heroes of the Stolen traveled to the Trolls Lair, and after a successful invasion rested to regain the resources lost. Unfortunately this gave the Trolls time to prepare, the next day they met with harsh resistance. The Heroes barely escaped with their lives. After returning back to Loria, to recover from the devastating battle, returned to finish the job. The Trolls were ultimately defeated, but Ersin nearly lost his life in the fray. Returning successful in their task, they saw smoke billowing from their fair city. While they were gone a massive Owlbear wreaked havoc in the city. The Heroes gathered what resources they had and began to track the Owlbear to its home.



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