The King Makers

Into the Breach

After searching the Stolen Lands for various individuals, the Heroes came upon the Nomen Centaurs. The Nomen Centaur warband lead the Former Rulers of Loria to their leader Aecora Silverfire. Where the Heroes learned about a sacred place that has ill omens that may be related to the disappearances at Varnhold, and possibly the location of their missing friend, Fletcher Green.

The Heroes proceeded to search the nearby areas for further clues. One night they were attacked by Soul Eaters. If it wasn’t for fast thinking, they might have lost some of their own. They did not defeat the Soul Eaters, but ran away. The Soul Eaters gave chase, but could not cross a running river.

Ultimately, they arrived at the Valley of the Dead, the forbidden place of the Nomen Centaurs.



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