The King Makers

Cue the Benny Hill Theme Music

The Heroes ventured forth into a secret entrance found in the Old Sycamore tree, only to find Mites in large numbers. The Mites themselves were little trouble for these adventures, it was the tree itself that proved the most difficult foe to defeat. After several failed attempts in maneuvering throughout the tree failed, including one terrible mistake that caused part of the group to fall on top of the others in battle! They rescued a captured kobold by the name of Mikmek, and returned back to the Oleg’s Trading Post.

Not to be defeated by a slightly steep climb, the Heroes of the Stolen Land returned to the Old Sycamore with a vengeance! Through a hard fought battle with a gigantic centipede, and many other vermin, the Heroes of the Stolen Land emerged victorious over the Mite Leader Grabbles and his fearsome tick mount Tickleback.



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